Alexandra children's illustrator

I am originally from France and grew up in the south near Marseille where I studied visual art and theatre. Four years ago I moved to Scotland, after a year travelling in Canada. I was inspired by what surrounded myself and decided to start to illustrate my first picture book. This was the beginning of my journey as an illustrator. 

I am a graduate from Edinburgh College HND illustration, passionate about children’s illustrations and storytelling. I tends to illustrate colourful and imaginary landscapes, animals and characters. I use my tablet as my main tool of creation and also enjoy watercolour painting, gouache, ink and pencils. Nature and snowy landscapes inspire my work and I love the aesthetic and colour palette of Wes Anderson and David Hockney.


Children's book / Book cover / Magazine / Storytelling

Theatre design / Poster / Web design


La Barantine / Victoria street / 2019

La Barantine / Bruntsfield place / 2019

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